Giving & Receiving Feedback

Giving & Receiving Feedback (1)

Giving & Receiving Feedback

It is a critical skill for any leader to be able to give constructive feedback, whether it is telling someone they have done a great job or pointing out areas they can improve on. Generally, giving and receiving feedback is something that has to be learned; trial and error have no place in this leadership skill set.
Many courses we have encountered focus on giving feedback. At Evolve2, we believe the skill of receiving feedback is just as important.

What will I learn

  1.  Why giving & receiving feedback is such a critical skill
  2.   Johari's window
  3.   Different feedback types
  4.   Delivering performance feedback
  5.   How to deliver feedback, up the chain or responsibility
  6.   The secrets of receiving feedback
  7.   The different levels of listening

What outcomes will the training provide

  1.  How to utilise Johari's window to build trust
  2.   The importance of seeking feedback
  3.   When to use unstructured and structured feedback
  4.   The process of giving performance feedback, what are the key factors and impacts
  5.   How to use the SBI model
  6.   How to get your message across to leadership
  7.   Why receiving feedback is sometimes harder but more critical for personal development
  8.   How to seek feedback
  9.   How to be a better listener


Who will benefit from this training?

This is a course for everyone, as at times, whether at work or in the home environment, we can all improve how we deliver feedback and how we can better listen during the process.

What is the duration of this training?

9.00 am until 2.00 pm (Virtual course has plenty of breaks)