Communication &

Employee Engagement

Employee Communication & Engagement

Communication & Employee Engagement

This unique one-day course focuses on a "must-have" discipline for everyone in the workplace. We constantly communicate through words, body language, and visuals, so let's understand how to do this better.

The course will cover

  1.   Giving & receiving communication
  2.  Personal communication
  3.   Developing communication strategies
  4.  Engaging employees

What will I learn

  1.  Individual communication preferences
     Different styles of communication and how they impact people
     How verbal communication is not just about the words
     How to write an effective email
     Is "a picture really worth a thousand words"?
     The 5 stages of a communication strategy
     Key reason why employees leave a business
     Gaining employee engagement


What outcomes will the training provide?

Participants will develop a deep understanding of their communication styles and preferences, with a strong emphasis on the significance of comprehending those around them. They will have the ability to create effective communication strategies for implementing change or enhancing business goals. Additionally, they will grasp the essential elements of employee retention and its direct correlation to exceptional leadership skills.

Who will benefit from this training?

All professionals in any industry will benefit from this training, as effective communication is essential in the workplace.

What is the duration of this training?

9.00 am until 2.00 pm (Virtual course has plenty of breaks)